Miguel-received his training during time spent as assistant trainer to one of leading dog trainers in UK as well as abroad.

He is a NASDU approved instructor/trainer(National Association of Security Dog Users),Certified Dog Behaviourist,Scent work Trainer and he also holds Dog First Aid certificate.He has knowledge and experience in working with dogs across different countries.

His experience does not limit to training dogs...He is also an active dog handler himself, career that he pursuit after being an army dog handler/trainer in his home country of Portugal during his younger years .

Miguel's education in training sector never stops as he believes there is always space for improvement and dogs mentality is far more complex one would have thought.

Every dog and every owner is his new challenge and he is always eager to help with all sort of behavioural problems. .


Eva-is an active Security Dog Handler,approved Assistant Dog Trainer for the security division(NASDU)and also attended dog trainer course with Angela White.

Eva holds dog training diplomas from Poland and Germany as she likes to integrate different training styles for the best results.

She loves working with dogs and children, especially when one supplements the other.

Therefore, Eva finished the training in Safe Guarding Children, Autism Awareness plus Animal Assisted Therapy and is now offering Doggy Talks for children on 1 to 1 basis as well as for the nurseries and primary schools of South East England.

Shortly she will be offering counselling services including Pet Bereavement Counselling ,Overcoming Dog Attack and Animal Assisted Therapy.

In  private life she is first and foremost a mum of  2 boys, animal lovers that keeps her busy at all times. 

Both, Eva and Miguel unite their strengths and different training approaches to provide best services possible .After work they relax  in company of their children and 4 dogs(3 German Shepherds and 1 Polish Tatra Sheepdog)